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Hospital Packing Guide

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Deciding what to pack and what not to pack can be a large determining factor in how comfortable or miserable the hospital stay is for you. Let’s face it, nothing about this process is enjoyable. You certainly are not packing for a vacation. You’re going to have long days and even longer nights in a small room with insanely uncomfortable furnishings.

The hospital room is built for the care of the patient, not the comfort of the caregiver. There are however a few things you can do to set your stay up for a semi-normal routine.


The Trick

The trick is to pack what you use daily. I learned to roll into the hospital with the largest suitcase we owned. Trust me, it was FULL. I learned to pack everything I need to help me maintain my physical and mental health. If you take vitamins every day, pack them! Don’t skip them because you’ll only be gone for a few days. If you usually sleep with an eye mask, pack it. Actually, you’ll want to pack one even if you don’t usually use one. The hospital rooms seem to always be lit up like they’re signaling Santa’s flight path. 


In the Guide, I share:



My packing philosophy


Information about why I list the suggested items


Links to some of my favorite items


Packing checklists


A planner for the week before the stay

Packing for YOU is just as important as packing for your loved one!


You are no good to anyone if you get run down or sick yourself. Much is expected of you as a caregiver. It’s not easy. This guide is designed to help you start planning early. I even list links to some of my favorite items in case you need to purchase some things before you go.

If your friends and family are wondering how to help, share this packing guide with them and let them know which items you need. Let them help you.

Get started with your packing lists, download the Hospital Packing Guide now.

As always, this is meant to be a conversation.  We’d love to hear from you.  Tell us what this guide did to help you and your family.  We would love to share in your wins. Drop us a comment or to reach us directly, email us @


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