Episode Seven

Riding the Roller Coaster of Cancer

On this episode of Caregiver’s Guide to Cancer, we’re talking about some of the nuances of the roller coaster ride that cancer brings. Having cancer is like riding a roller coaster in the dark. You don’t know when the next turn is coming. You don’t know how long the next dip will last or how high the next high is. Sadly, you don’t even know how close to the end you are.

Our ride: We just learned that the cancer is back. We’re preparing for more chemo, a stem cell transplant, and potentially radiation… and that’s the just medical components of what this cancer roller coaster brings.

Hearing that the cancer is back was like getting sucker punched. We thought the roller coaster ride was ending.  Jose had completed all of his chemo. We did everything we were told to do by the doctors. We’d made plans. We were ready to get our lives back on track. Then, we learned that everything was put on hold AGAIN. After the shock, we buckled up for another wild ride.

This episode is about giving yourself grace as you endure this wild roller coaster ride. As a self-diagnosed control freak, I can honestly say that I am also my harshest critic. If you’re anything like me, the act of giving yourself grace doesn’t come naturally. 

Our Gift to You

Our first gift to you is our FREE Gratitude Journal.  Your mindset as a caregiver has a great impact on the overall health of the entire household.  Today, I encourage you to do this one thing for your mental and physical health.

This project is meant to be a conversation, please feel free to leave us a comment.

To reach Ammie & Jose, email us @ podcast@caregiversguidetocancer.com.

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    Never thought of it that way. I just kept living my life with glioblastoma. For me, I felt stalked by some monster that got smaller over time.
    When we found out I had a recurrence after twelve years, the flush feeling was quick and, like flicking a switch, we went into battle mode. But, this time, the opponent seems slow on the draw. I’m 5 months past my biopsy and it feels no different than the 5 year mark in remission. Except, the chemo this time is every 6 weeks instead of 4 and has less noticeable side effect.


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