Episode Three

Self Care is NOT Selfish

In this episode, we’re talking about the health of the caregiver and their self care. Caregiving is tough! It’s a non-stop, 24/7 position and you never know what the next hurdle or need is going to be. You, the caregiver, must be healthy in order to fully care for someone else. Your loved one deserves the best of you and you deserve to be your best no matter the circumstances. Re-read that sentence again. You deserve it!

Trust me, I know first-hand that this is easier said than done but I also know first-hand how vitally important it is that you maintain your own physical, emotional and mental health. Your health impacts the health of the entire household. Truly, if you are run down every other person in your house will feel your energy. Your self care is a gift to the entire family.

Let’s have an honest moment. Stress is unavoidable. You will be tested to your limits, more than once. It is difficult to maintain a schedule. You’ll find it difficult to maintain the basic chores. Just because something is difficult doesn’t mean it’s impossible. It simply means that you have to find alternative ways to get something done. It’s time to get a little creative and focus your energy on YOU!


Our Gift to You

Our first gift to you is our FREE Gratitude Journal.  Your mindset as a caregiver has a great impact on the overall health of the entire household.  Today, I encourage you to do this one thing for your mental and physical health.

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